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Half Fold Custom Greeting Cards


While preparing for the forthcoming holiday season, you might like getting a fairer idea of one of the most, if not the most, commonly used medium for sending your good wishes – the very trusted greeting card. Before the rise of the electronic cards which are sent through email, companies used the traditional greeting cards. As compared to the e-cards and emails, greeting cards speak a lot more than a lengthy letter which is emailed. When there is a greeting card, the case is usually that the sender goes out of their way to purchase it, sits down to prepare and write down a warm message and spends time and money to mail it over to you.

It is not merely the written

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note which provides the image of a heartwarming greeting, but all the other things which means when you are sending out a card. Try getting the same effect. Send out greeting cards in the holiday season. However, rather than going for premade cards that are found in the racks of stores, how about taking things a little further with cards that carry your own logo and design. You can send the design easily to your online or local printer and get it printed.

Get the Things Sorted Out First

Start creating a greeting card design of your one. It should be something that the recipients associate with easily, either for personal use or along with your company for commercial or business purpose. There are 2 aspects in your greeting card specifications which you need to use in order to create a look which is even more unique – the fold and color options.

Scoring or Not Scoring

As for the folds, you might want to choose the standard half fold greeting card in which the stock is folded along the central line within the scope of the width. You can attain the folding along the central line within the range of its width. The folding can be done in 2 ways – the conventional fold which leads to uneven cracking along the spine which is caused by the fold, and especially for the thick stocks which are generally used for the greeting cards. If you want to prevent such a hazardous result, you can ask for scoring.

This is a method through which a depression is added along the center line of the width of the card to facilitate folding. Other than placing a guide for the folding, the scoring makes it easier to fold along the line as the midline is not as thick as it used to be before. The score needs to be deep sufficiently so that folding is made effortless, although at the same time not as deep as that it makes the card easy to tear through the center. Another fold is the gate fold in which 2 equal sections along the width of the card are folded into a gate like shape. This is where the name comes from. This is a custom job for which you need to approach your printer.

Choose the Sides to Color

3 color options are usually offered by the printing companies – 4/0, 4/1 and 4/4. 4/0 stands for full color printing on the front panel only. This gives you a lot of space to write your message. If you want to print on all the sides, you may choose the 4/4 or 4/1 options. In 4/1, the front panel is only printed in full color. The other side of the card is printed using only black ink. In 4/4, both the sides are printed in full color. It is ideal for those who want designs in their greeting card.

You can really get nostalgic with these choices and spread your message in the old way by using greeting cards that have updated color schemes and designs. The cards help you keep the traditions alive while maintaining a contemporary touch.

Reach Out to Your Customers

One of the best ways through which you can keep up customer loyalty is by affirming the value of your brand before your customers. Many businesses might not be able to afford a high level of campaigning, although there are many tools which can help you connect with your prospective customers. Custom made cards can be a great way through which you can stay connected with your audiences. Printed cards help in brand strengthening. You can even lend a personal touch as the message can be easily conveyed through text. Here are some of the occasions in which you can send out the cards:

Birthdays: This can be a great time when your customer least expects a card from you. Send them a greeting card and wish them the best on the special occasion. You can even include your business card, or at least something that has your contact details with your business information printed at the back of the card. If you can afford it, give them a call which will increase the chance of them becoming lifelong clients for your brand. Like a gift, a gift voucher can be another alternative that you may choose for your client.

Holidays: No one will say that they do not like a holiday. Your business can often send cards to your special clients every year on different holidays, especially the national holidays or on Christmas, which is a major event in the calendar for wishing people. You might schedule it quarterly for sending the cards to your clients. The greeting cards that you create should imbibe the spirit of the occasion in the best possible manner so that the recipient does not feel as if you have sent them the card for the sake of promotion or marketing. The seasonal sale can be one of the best times to send out the greetings to customers which will not only help you, but your business too.

With the right greeting card printer, you can not only expand your customer base, but spread the reputation of your company too.




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