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Print Window Decorations with Window Clings

Window clings are perhaps one of the most diversified categories of print materials that have a large number of informative, decorative and marketing materials to be installed on offices, homes, vehicle windows and shops. With custom window cling printing, people can use the window clings for a variety of purposes. There are innumerable applications of the window clings in our life. Whether it is for glass door signage, off season clearance, Christmas sales announcements, showcase labels, announcing of new launch products, businesses or more, the window clings offer different kinds of attractive, yet budget options for printing.


Clear Window Clings


A clear window cling is a transparent A4 sheet of plastic that is designed to pass through your home computer, so that you can print customized pictures, designs and texts of your own which can be turned into window decorations. Window clings are available for laser or inkjet printers and generally consist of a sheet of clear static film along with plastic backing sheet that peels away upon printing. At times there is also text which shows clearly which side you need to print on.


Different Uses of Window Clings


There are various uses of the window clings which suggest that there are various sizes and forms of these custom window clings. The 2 commonly used materials for cling printing comprise the paper and vinyl material. Every material comes with its own uses and benefits. For example, vinyl is tough and suitable for prolonged use out of doors. On the other hand, paper is comparatively cheaper, can be easily removed and eco friendly material that can be used for short time announcements. If you are planning to print a glass wall partition label or front glass door signage, you require durable cling printing choice which does not deteriorate within weeks.


In these cases, transparent or colored vinyl window decals are a good choice. However, if you want to promote new arrivals or announce clearance sales, you will not need a durable printing option which does not deteriorate with weeks of use. The cling will not be used for a long time. In these instances, you will need window clings that can be easily removed or decomposed, preferably made out of paper. The adhesive properties of the window clings also differ. The clings that are made of vinyl have a thin film of chemical adhesive that is coated with a preventive cover at the back.


You should peel the cover off to expose the chemical adhesive before installing the decal on the window. However, the window clings which are free of adhesive use static clings for installation. They are generally made of thin films of plastic and can be installed and uninstalled easily. If the vinyl window decals are more lasting and durable, they are tough to remove or take off once they have been installed. These materials cannot be reused. On the contrary, static clings are less tough and suited for indoor use. They are reusable and removable.


Custom Printing of Window Clings


Custom printing of window clings can be done by a large number of printing companies, but then before proceeding with the particulars and placing your order, you need to carefully consider the nature of your announcement and placement options so that you can choose the window clings that are most suited to your purpose. You should never forget that all outdoor announcements will not need a vinyl decal. All indoor static clings do not need to be carved out of paper. The duration for which the window cling is being placed is an important determinant.


This will also be the time until when the cling will stay intact. Make it parallel to the location and the type of material that is suitable for you. A lot of outdoor announcements are short-lived and you will not be able to fix the semi-permanent clings on your window. However, for a number of long term uses, it is best to opt for the thin plastic clings which do a commendable job. Whatever the clinging property or materials, indoor as well as outdoor clings are fine and attractive for effectively communicating their marketing message.


Designing the cheap post card prints is a creative process and this is why you should pay thorough attention to quality printing. For this reason, you will need a proficient and well-equipped company to convey your message. A lot of designs require services such as embossing, scoring, die cutting and more which is not provided by all printers. The decals are prepared in different hands. This is why you should select a printing company which offers these services under a single roof. At the same time, a lot of companies that operate on a small scale use bad quality inks and print materials which destroy the finesse of the design.


In a few cases, the colors of printed static clings may turn out to be pretty different from those seen in the sample on your computer screen. If you are to avoid these irregularities, find a reliable and reputed printer for having the window clings printed. One easy way to track down the printing companies is to look for them online as they offer high quality services while providing creative designs, samples of their previous projects and templates. You may even look for a range of available services and the rates online to help you estimate the costs before placing the order.


Window clings help in attracting more business. Today, companies are using these promotional materials to spread word about their product or service. You have various options to use the window clings. They are available in different colors. Whatever type or material you choose, you must make sure that your clings are attractive in order to attract the attention of your clients. This will turn the onlookers into prospective customers. They will visit your store and buy your products and services. With the best solutions of printing available, make sure that you are not losing out on the competition find the best window cling printers today.



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