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Display a Professional Image with Flyers



Color copies are relevant as they are used in different kinds of marketing materials such as flyers, posters, and brochures. Various kinds of advanced technologies are used in to meet the advertising requirements of businesses. As compared to using single or double colors, companies opt for color flyer prints for attracting potential clients. Great graphics and compelling content is provided in the flyers so that companies receive a unique promotional product. People tend to remember flashy and attractive ads easily. This is something that can be attained with creativity, color and great print quality. Full color prints help in generating a highly effective and productive output while distributing the color flyers.


Color flyers and brochures help in optimizing the efficiency of your business especially when the prints are done in multiple colors. It is seen that people can recall things better such as graphics, texts and words that are printed in full color. Moreover, they judge others, environments and matters on the basis of color subconsciously. For this reason, while preparing reports, presentations and samples, colors are highlighted to attract the attention of the audiences and leaving a lasting impression.


Color Flyers as Advertising Tools


Color flyers that are used for advertising and marketing a business use colors to create an impression in the minds of the recipients. This is also applicable to color magnets, brochures and pamphlets. The specialty of color flyer printing is that the rate of multicolored prints can be compared to black and white or single color print. The costs of single and multicolored prints are not too much too. With the benefits provided by color, businesses can generate a higher rate of success while spending the same amount of money for advertising.


Printing CD Package

Printing CD Package

There are some print materials that are suitable for full color such as custom envelopes, reports, envelopes, postcards, carbonless forms, flyers, profiles, business cards, headers, office forms and graphic design projects. You can look through the rates offered for color prints by various printers and compare the prices between digital and offset printing. If your sort of business calls for a certain type of print, you can visit the websites to get an idea about the rates. Services are offered by the online as well as local providers. Look for local inquiries and orders. As the printers offer affordable rates, you can have the prints of color business cards and flyers at an affordable cost.


Watch out for the various kinds of other services that are offered by the print shop and request for their quotes with the help of the contact details that have been provided. You can ask them for custom printing options for your color brochures and flyers without sacrificing the quality of their services. Once you have estimated the relative benefits that are provided by color, you need to make sure that they are implemented in your business promotional strategies without enhancing your advertising costs. This can help you create cheap color flyers and copies that have a professional look.


With the cheap color copies, you can have an intricate design for your marketing campaign. The toughest part about creating an impressive flyer is that you have to create one that is too simple. Make sure that the space is not stacked with too much information or detail which will spoil the message on your prospective audiences. Professional designers can create business flyers for large or small scale advertising. While you are placing a bulk order, you need to ask for ask for professional services at discounted rates.


Folding Options


The size of the flyer is the primary part that you need to choose while creating a dual or triple fold flyer. Sometimes, the best place where you can get cheap color flyers will need folding. This is especially true for oversized flyers such as 8.5″ x 14″ or 11″ x 17″ flyers. The size of the flyer depends on the amount of copy or graphics that needs to be used. Newspaper inserts are generally printed on 8.5″ X 11″ and 11″ x 17″ and bi-folded before stuffing. This can be adequately accommodated into the paper and opened as a booklet for browsing for special offers and discount coupons.


This is commonly used by pharmacy chains. For printing the business flyers, you need to consider when to make a fold and when not to because sometimes, it might just be a mistake. If the layout or graphic design is obscured by the fold, you should keep the flyer flat whenever possible. Pay attention to the visibility of your offer on cheap flyer prints and the benefits of handing them out to the customers. Once you have communicated with the printer, pay attention to the terminology.


  • Bleed: This is significant for creating a borderless graphic. You can increase the design by around 1/8 beyond the cutting area for the trimmers might not be perfect like the printing presses. Choose a bleed to avoid white borders near the image.


  • No Bleed: Create a border of 1/4” on the page as graphics do not extend or cover the page as there is no bleed printing done.


  • C1S or C2S: the paper here can be printed as being coated on a single side or both sides. ‘C2S’ means shining on both sides, whereas ‘C1S’ is matt on one side and glossy on the top. This style is usually used for making flyers styled as postcards.


  • CPM: Cost per thousand


  • CMYK: These are a few standard colors when it comes to printing any color copy materials. The colors include magenta, cyan, yellow and black. Most of the colors can be produced by layering the 4 colors on one another. All the colors might not be accurate.


  • 4/0 and 4/4: 4/4 includes colors on either side of the flyers; 4/1 refers to colors being provided on the face; in 4/0 no coloring is done at the back.


You may print the business flyers by finding a designer who offers high quality output at affordable rates.



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