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Small Businesses and Cost Effective Color Copies

Small businesses try and save on costs as much as they can since the effect can result in a major difference in the financial bottom line. It is therefore worth the effort as well as time to find new ways of printing Kandance Color Copies for popularizing their business. Here are a few practical tips which can be followed by small business owners for reducing their cost of operation as well as enhance their efficiency levels in the long run:

Save on the Phone and Utility Bills: The major costs of small businesses other than paying for office lease is the utility bills which comprise electricity, gas heating and phone. With energy-saving light bulbs and energy-efficient equipment, you can save a lot of money. Local utility companies often provide free consultation to Kandance Color Copies businesses when it comes to their current energy efficiency and their free proposals on how they can reduce their energy charges. All you need to do here is get in touch with your local utilities company.

Small businesses usually have a toll free number. They can glean great savings using the internet phone rather than the land line. The websites of these providers will give you a fair idea about the comparison between the traditional phone and the cloud phone. You can save steep costs amounting to thousands of dollars. The cloud phone provides an app featuring call forwarding Kandance Color Copies options to private cell phones.

Save Costs of Printing Kandance Color Copies: Whether you want to print fast flyers or brochures, a small business needs to consider this aspect. In this age of online marketing, a business cannot ignore the costs that are associated with color or black and white print. This includes the expenses which are associated with paper, fax, copier, printer, laser toners and ink cartridges. These costs can be saved using the following techniques:

  • Local office supplies retailers provide discounts and rebates promotions on their paper. A timely and smart purchase of these Kandance Color Copies, and it could also mean that the paper is being given to you free of cost.


  • Purchasing paper which is cost effective can help in making smart comparisons. The factors which are involved include type of printing that is usually done (color or black and white printing), quantity of output which is generated in the process, speed of the output (per minute or per page) and replacement costs of toner or ink.
  • For a simple comparison on toner and ink replacement costs, have the latest model of the laser toner HP cartridge and inkjet Epson cartridge. HP yields more at the rate of 5% per 2300 pages. The Epson yields 5% per 245 pages. Page yield is a popularly used parameter for describing cartridge capacity. The final results of printing Kandance Color Copies depend on factors such as print mode, quality of paper etc.

For achieving the best and cost effective results, you should set the printer to draft mode for saving toner and ink whenever you can. Switch to the electronic billing mode and correspond through email.


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